Thursday, 13 May 2010

They're not happy!

I have just had a memo from the Guys in the Lab.

Apparently the quantum monkey is/isn't in its cage and it is/isn't widdling in the giraffe DNA sequencer. They are starting to get on their high horses about this and it has gone well beyond mutterings along the lines of "how are we supposed to work under these conditions".

One of the more politically adept of the team is claiming that this is a new branch of science that proves that Monkeys may not be fundamentally funny and wants to make a grant submission and start developing an outline for a paper.


Talking of Wills, I also have to submit a codicil to yesterday's "e-Will"...

.... If none of my surviving descendants want it it the lawn mower should be passed to Golfy provided that he cares for it according to the guidelines that have recently been set out by Amnesty International.

There may be more later.


  1. I protest, Golfy's liberal leanings are likely to see the irksome machine receive better treatment that it deserves!!

  2. Hello "Nonny", You could well be the first person to contest an e-Will. Personally I think Golfy is just a front for AI and it is just a thinly disguised attempt to liberate the machine from ALLEGED persecution. Dont worry too much tho' 'cos 30% is not happy about the codicil and is likely to make a claim as a descendent. I also need to die before any of this happens.

    Also AI is also the abbreviation of artificial insemiantion as well as Amnesty International!

  3. Fine, I feel more secure in the knowledge that 30% will indeed step up, perhaps a promotion to 35%??

    She has reason to ensure that your affairs are indeed up to scratch given your impending struggle to control your very tall vespa.