Friday, 11 May 2012

Apparently I like Fish Fingers

I started Friday in a slightly more positive frame of mind when I took a couple of steps back and realised that I had only been working on this Project for three days. It would be somewhat churlish to expect progress so early in the engagement so attempted to hold on to this positive view as I trundled in to The Nearest Circle of Hell to meet up with the Sales Exec ...

... much of the day was spent in a small Office reviewing information requests and allocated resources. It wasn't as bad as it could have been as the Exec seems like a decent chap and is easy to get on with. He has a reasonable sense of humour and swears like a Trooper which means that at least he not adding formality and lack of sociability in to an already pressured working environment.

I did manage a couple of breaks and took lunch with Grandad Jack and The Poet which was a pleasant interlude from the Tsunami of questions that need to be answered.

I got home at a reasonably civilised time and although I really should have spent a couple of more hours at the Laptop I put that off to later in the weekend working on the principal that no bugger is going to look at an e-mail from me this evening*

At home my plans for the weekend appear to have been changed as a text from Tim Hyett advised that the Ducati is not yet ready to be picked up from the workshop due to a paint issue. To be honest this is no big deal as we have loads of stuff that we want to get done this weekend and removal of a return trip to Cheltenham gives us back an hour or more. It is not as though I am without a bike ...

... the actual problem is having the time and weather to ride it.
* not unless it is entitled "Friday Fun" and the content would most definitely not live up to the headline

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