Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Attempting to gain traction

Wednesday was spent requesting resources and attempting to beg favours from colleagues and contacts. To be honest I don't really feel comfortable attempting the "can you do me a favour" approach as this is an absolute pig of a job and if someone is going to get shafted with it it only seems fair that the appropriate process has been followed in order to dump this pile of shite in their inbox....

... basically it is is the only way to prevent them escaping to do something else.

To sum up the day I appear to have been very busy but I am not really sure whether I have achieved that much. I have made lots of requests but it is only when I get hold of named resources and they have completed an initial review of the task in hand that I will finally get a clear idea of how deep the shit is that I am standing in*

Away from work 30% finally got hold of the Upholsterer and we delivered the settee and new hide over at her house. She was very impressed with our eBay bargain hide and is really keen to make a start on the job. Hopefully it won't be too long before we will be collecting it.
* I am only 5'3" and am therefore hoping that it is not too deep**
** Fat Chance!

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