Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Back to work

After the long weekend I am back in the office at home catching up after the frantic running around last week in London. I have plenty to fill the next three days but it is nothing compared to last week. I spent the morning wading through Dante's expenses and personnel systems to ensure that I am appropriately reimbursed for my efforts and expenditure...

... It is time for mid-year assessments and the rest of the week will be spent drafting creative bull shit about my activities for the first half of the year and providing feedback on many colleagues who foolishly see me as a soft touch. To be honest most of them will get the glowing remarks they deserve but there are one or possibly two where they might have thought a little longer before putting me down for performance comments.

The rest of the day involved a walk around the Three Miler and the Gods appeared to smile on me as the rain started when I was only a few minutes from home. I therefore managed to avoid a soaking.

After our first day back at work 30% and I were both unanimous in our decision that today was most definitely not the day to give up drinking.

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