Sunday, 17 June 2012


This weekend was another two days spent sorting out the house. This may sound like drudgery but it is quite the opposite. We are finally at the point where we have moved from "Building Site" to "Nearly Finished"* and are able to see and enjoy the fruits of our labours.

I spent Saturday morning installing an alarm system in the garage. This seemed to go reasonably well but I must admit that I haven't yet got around to testing it. It makes the right sort of beeps when I arm and disarm it and that is good enough for the moment. Perhaps I will give 30% inaccurate rather vague instructions and let her set it off when she goes out to make a deposit or withdrawal from the freezer.

The reminder of Saturday involved a trip to the supermarket and the deposit of a huge amount of paperbacks at the local Charity Shop ... The de-cluttering continues.

Sunday morning was supposed to see me stood on a Rugby pitch whilst TP trained. This did not happen as neither TP nor 30% stirred from their beds before ten o'clock. I used this gifted couple of hours to rip the last of the CD collection to iTunes and get T&M walked before the Heavens opened.

I also paid a visit to wish BMS a Happy Father's Day and spent an hour or so chatting and drinking coffee with him and SMS.  He has recently inherited a pair of mobility scooters and the first of these has now arrived. I have been recruited to go and pick up the second in a few weeks time and this is one of the reasons for the drive to clear the garage at home ... BMS will need to scale down his power tool collection in order to store the larger of the two scooters** and as a result I will soon be inheriting his Planer Thicknesser.

I wondered how BMS would perceive the need to use a scooter as a consequence of his ageing and can report that he seems to see this in a positive way and is already planning a trip to the local garden centre.

Back at home the clearance of the Dining Room was finally completed and TP and I celebrated by stripping the sagging wallpaper from the walls ...

... next job; removal of the fire surround and then the ceiling will be taken down.
* That still involves the complete refurbishment of three rooms though
** One is a "portable" model that can be carried in the car. The other is most definitely "roam from home" only.

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