Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Going to work

For the past two weeks there has been a significant alteration in my working arrangements. Three days each week I travel in to the Nearest Circle of Hell and actually meet up with the people I am working with. 30% and TP think that this social contact is good for me ... I however am not so sure!

It is nice to bump in to friends and I frequently link up with Grandad Jack for lunch and extended coffee breaks but it is starting to hit my pocket. So far I am down £4, as Jack has yet to cough up for the eggs he had last week and today I Robot ponced a quid off me, as he was short of car parking fees. At this rate I'll be skint by the end of the week and I'm not certain that being co-located actually creates working synergies as, from my perspective, I got fuck all done today. Working from home is far more efficient  for me as it means that spare moments can be spent on domestic duties rather than chatting or being politely mugged by frolleagues who "seem to be short of cash".

Then there is the daily commute, This as far from the best use of my time and there is also the cost of fuel and the impact on the planet. Today I attempted to address both the time and cost of travel by taking the Honda in to work. It is probably best to overlook the additional time it took to get my helmet and jacket on, extract the bike from the garage, get the engine warmed up and have a one-sided row* with 30% about where I had left her two cars and my Land Rover ...

... as I was saying, if we overlook the time required for these additional activities it most definitely shortens the journey time as the Defender is never going to be any good filtering through heavy traffic or hitting 100 mph on the few stretches of dual carriage way.  I think it fair to say that the only way the journey could be improved was if I didn't have to carry the bloody laptop with me.

Work was the usual series of formal and impromptu discussions. New activities were initiated and others, that should now be completed, stubbornly refuse to progress ... for the past few days I have been trying to get a statement on the tooling being used in our current project. I am making very slow progress and today I tried to get the Subject Matter Expert to provide guidance. This involved "door stepping" someone, who looked like they had just walked in to their first proper job, in an attempt to get five minutes of their time. The little git refused to assist even though this is most definitely part of his role to support.

I am slowly developing a list of wankers I never want to work with again on this new job.

As five o'clock approached I reviewed today's achievements and was disappointed by the brevity of this virtual list. It then dawned on me that I am not in charge so I mentally shrugged, grabbed my lid and jacket and headed off to play with the traffic.

The evening wasn't really very productive but I spent some time cutting more dental moulding and ordered some wood stain as I am going to have to attempt some colour mixing to achieve a match with the original polished moulding.
* She was rowing. I refused to partake.

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