Saturday, 27 April 2013

On a Mission

I have been on a Mission today and have wreaked havoc amongst the many items on my to do list. Let me explain ...

... I woke at a reasonable hour and, after liberation of chickens, spent a lazy time drinking coffee and preparing for the day. This involved extricating the Honda from the garage as I have made a resolution to use both of the bikes as much as possible this Summer after last year's complete wash out. Now a motorcycle wouldn't be my normal choice of vehicle for a visit to a DIY store but I was fairly confident that it could transport me and a load comprising; a replacement ball valve and a few corner bracing brackets. It was great to be out on the bike as she made a mundane trip in to a fun ride and is a lot easier on my pocket than the Defender when it comes to fuel.

I arrived home just as 30% prepared to head out on whatever errands was she had planned for the morning* and decided to extend my ride a little further by grabbing a handful of cash and nipping down the road to pay PtP for his recent, and hopefully final, assistance with the leak issue.

Debts settled, I finally made a start on the first job of the day which was to replace the ball valve in the en suite wc. I am not a huge fan of plumbing tasks and, whilst I have had successes, I have also bitten off more that I can chew on a couple of occasions too, so am now very wary of jobs that start with the instruction turn off the mains supply. ** On this occasion the job went well and the cistern now refills without the foghorn sound that is indicative of a knackered ball valve.

I had just finished tidying and had gone on to put last week's guanciale cure to soak for an hour when there was a knock at the door. 30% had advertised my redundant mitre saw on a Freecycle web site and one of the local Redditch Vultures had descended for a choice piece of carrion. I passed the time of day with him and let him lug it off to his car cheerfully advising that the sawdust now coating his jumper was free. mind you the saw was too.

After a quick lunch the guanciale was dried, wrapped and hung from the hooks in the kitchen. I then took T&M out for a walk. For the first time in weeks I took a diversion from our normal route and headed over the fields. The dogs had a wonderful time especially around the rabbit warrens on the hill. After an hour out in the fields and lanes I needed something to fill the rest of my afternoon ...

... I am conscious that I have been wittering on about it for many weeks so I finally settled down and completed my box frame project. The spear heads were mounted and the components assembled and screwed together. It has been a bit of a project starting with a few sketches and ending up with a fine decorative feature.
From this ...
To this.

It is fair to say that the evening involved me doing nothing more complex than slouching on the sofa.
* I later found out that it was a supermarket trip and adjustment of the tracking on her car
** as they have a tendency to spiral down in to sprays of water, frustration, swearing, the need to call in a Professional, being patronised and ending up with a significant invoice!

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