Friday, 10 May 2013

A day in the home office

One good thing about working in the Nearest Circle of Hell is that periods of boredom can be filled by wandering off for a chat. I did not have that ability today and was chained to the laptop with little to do. My sentence lasted until four o'clock when I hosted a preliminary review call for the latest deal ...

... Hmmm! I think it fair to say that the Lead Project Manager needs to polish his Delivery Style very quickly if he wants to have a successful call next Wednesday. I remember my first one and it was neither fun nor an award winning performance but I got through it and am trying to give my colleague a few hints and tips. The problem is that he loves the technical side of the work and the delivery of a beautifully assembled cost model but he needs to develop his management skill set in order that he can deliver a concise and authoritative presentation that reassures the reviewers that he is in charge, knows what he is doing and is believable.  At the moment he is a ditherer who takes the discussion down metaphorical rabbit holes at every opportunity.

After thirty minutes the call ended and my weekend officially started.

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