Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back on the road again

Tuesday 27th August 

After packing our cases we wandered around the block before settling once again in The Murray Hill Diner for breakfast. It was then a case of checking out and trundling our cases a few blocks West to Penn Street Station where we caught a train out to Newark Airport. 

We arrived around midday and headed over to the Avis office to pick up our car. After a few minutes familiarising myself with the Chevrolet, and realising that there  was nowhere to stick the Sat Nav suction cup bracket, we headed out of the conurbation towards Newburgh.  

The buildings and blocks were replaced by a landscape of rolling, forested hills with the occasional clapperboard house within sight of the road. 

Newburgh was about 75 miles from Newark and is home to the delightfully tacky Orange County Choppers that provided ten years of material for the American Chopper TV series. There was no sign of the disfunctional Teuttle family but the store cum showroom cum cafe was an interesting diversion and made a welcome break after an hour and a half on the road. 

After taking our fill of Choppers we hit the road again with the aim of reaching Binghamton, a further one hundred and twenty miles nearer our next scheduled stop at Niagara Falls. 

The road wound through the Catsgill Mountains with a view of forest to the horizon and an empty highway. This was in complete contrast to the city scenes experienced earlier in the day

As the afternoon progresses we played roadkill poker to fill the time. I made a good start with a raccoon and a porcupine but 30% managed to play a live deer that no one saw but her. She then went on to turn her single deer in to a pair when a doe crossed the road less than 75 yards ahead of us ... She was winning hands down. A discussion developed with the aim of formalising the rules of the game and TP announced that nothing could beat a dead bear ....

....  until I pointed out that a Full House comprised three dead bears and a mangled, blond teenage girl. 

This was much more fun than I-Spy. 

We eventually arrived in Binghamton at around seven, checked in to a motel and hinted down a Diner before collapsing in front of the TV. 

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