Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Keeping Busy

This morning I was suited, booted and out of the door a little before eight o'clock. The reason for this unusual behaviour was that I had been asked to attend a presentation from a potential supplier, who would be responsible for delivering a significant element described in an RFP we are responding to.

My Satellite Navigation unit estimated that I had an hour to spare so the rush hour traffic delays were of no concern and I was delighted to find that my journey was mostly on quiet A roads.*

I arrived at my destination about thirty minutes before the event was due to commence and all would have been well if my destination had been anywhere but Milton Keynes. I had conveniently forgotten what an anonymous, soulless place it is and how hard it can be to actually identify destinations from the road system, even with the aid of Sat Nav …

… to cut a long story short I eventually arrived a fashionable ten minutes late but the event had still not kicked off.

It was an interesting day and I learnt a lot of useful things about the products of a major provider in the Mobility Services arena. I'm not sure about the relevancy of the event to the RFP and I am guessing that only a couple of paragraphs of my ten pages of notes will need to be discussed at the debriefing.

I was also fortunate in that the day ended well in advance of it's scheduled 18.00 hrs close and I was actually home and back in front of my laptop by a little after four in the afternoon. I had time for a quick chat with my colleague in Nevada before heading out in the afternoon sunshine with T&M for a circuit of the Three Miler. A chance encounter with Paul the Plumber also allowed me to line him up for a visit once he has returned from his holidays.
* Apart from an eighteen miles stretch of the M40

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