Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm not going out in that!

I woke early on Saturday to fine weather but within thirty minutes that had changed and torrential rain started to fall from a leaden sky …

… and it didn't stop.

When T&M wandered downstairs with 30% an hour or so later I opened the door to the garden and encouraged the dogs out for a pee. Marauder grudgingly accepted but was back in a couple of minutes, taking no longer than was absolutely necessary. Tyson, on the other hand, refused to step outside and I swear that dog did not pee until about one in the afternoon when there was a break in the downpour.

I wasn't keen on heading out in the rain either and spent the morning chemical stripping the frame of the smaller of the two cupboards in the Hall. This went pretty well and is now just about ready for finishing. As lunchtime approached 30% returned from a shopping trip and her arrival was preceded by TP, who had spent the night at his girlfriend's house.*

After lunch the weather cleared somewhat and I donned coat and hat before heading out around the three miler. All three of us needed a walk having not been out since Wednesday. We managed to stay dry for most of the walk but as we headed back in the village I felt drops of rain. I took a stoical view of this, after all most of the walk had been dry and we were only ten minutes from home …

… However, within 100 years the Heavens opened and it was pouring down. We trudged on with T&M pausing every so often to shake the rain from their coats then, coming down the road, I saw a familiar vehicle. 30% had taken on the role of Search & Rescue party and had come to pick us up instead of receiving us soaked by a walk through the storm.

We arrived home in a relatively dry state and the dogs were soon towelled down. I then spent a fun session in front of the computer changing a series of passwords following the recent security breach of eBay servers.

The rest of the day was uneventful, TP was ferried to and from work, a Chinese Takeaway was eaten and a film was watched. It wasn't an exciting day but it was perfect. Things were achieved, exercise was taken and I felt quite rested after a busy week.
* in the spare room!

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