Friday, 11 July 2014

A slightly more positive end to the week

Well the good news for today was that TP passed his driving test at the third attempt. The bad news was that he needed me to drive him in to school after his early morning test as there was no time to revise his car insurance. To be honest I really didn't have time for this as I was already on the hook to collect 30% from Birmingham airport later in the morning and I do actually have a fucking job to do! It was a bloody good job that I started work incredibly early this morning and cleared as much as possible out of the way before I suddenly got mistaken for a chauffeur by the rest of my family.

It was lovely to have 30% back home after her successful trip to Houston but her return was tinged with sadness as I had to impart yesterday's news about Noggin. I have to say that she took the news well as she absolutely adores all of our animals and used to delight in Noggin's slightly deranged character and the way he would play with the dogs.

The return trip to the airport took about an hour out of my day and I had to hit the inbox and 'phone as I soon as I was back, pausing briefly to thank 30% for the four litres of Gordon's Gin and packs of Beef Jerky that appeared from her suitcase.

I eventually finished at a reasonable time in the evening and 30% and I headed over to Littleton to view the auction lots. 30% found a ring that took her fancy and we both took a liking to a rather elegant pendulum wall clock in a simple but beautiful inlaid case. The Auctioneer reckons that it is 1930s and that it will not make a huge amount of money. We think that it would look lovely in the Study.

After a busy week I reported that the kitchen cupboards were bare and refused to cook so TP drove me to the local Chinese Takeaway without L Plates. I then settled down in front of my computer to watch four eBay auctions end, finding myself more that £100 better off and, even better than that, have people actually turning up to takeaway clutter from the garage.

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