Wednesday, 9 July 2014

It was one of those days ...

Today was already looking complicated. I had to take a couple of hours out of the day for a minor medical procedure over at Droitwich and I also had TP requesting that I collect him from school as, now he has a job as a school cleaner, his late bus does not get him home in time for his guitar lesson. Throw in work, pets and ensuring that every one was fed meant I was going to be busy. I was also unsure of whether I would feel like driving after the procedure. I did try pointing this out to TP but I may as well have been talking to one of the chickens!

So, how did this all pan out?

I wandered downstairs at around seven in the morning to espy Noggin peering intently under the sofa. It was only a moments contemplation before I settled on "you brought him in here so you are certainly capable of catching him yourself". I then started the day proper by turning on the coffee machine and feeding the cats and dogs. I went to get a bowl of dog of food and discovered that the second bag of dog food was in fact an empty one that had not been put for recycling. Fuck! This meant that I needed to cram a trip to Pets-at-home in to an already busy day.

Once TP had left for school, I made a start to my day and realised that getting dog food could be challenging. The afternoon was rammed with personal and work appointments and the morning was little better. Fortunately there was a ray of sunshine when my ten o'clock call got cancelled and I raced in to sunny Redditch to grab two huge bags of dog food and couple of necessities from a nearby supermarket.

Back at home I carried on with my day and as noon approached it was time to head off to the hospital. I won't go in to any detail about the procedure but will simply say that I can only think of two ways you can get to see the inside of your own bladder and I wasn't disemboweled by a ravenous werewolf today! The verdict on the procedure was positive. There is nothing to be concerned about although I may need minor surgery in later life. Ho hum … back to work then!

Fortunately, there was no post-cytoscopy discomfort and driving was not going to be an issue. This was a bloody good job as 30% is in Houston and I was reliant on my own good self for transport services. I also managed to get in touch with TP and learnt that his guitar lesson had been cancelled so I was not required to pick him up from school.

I headed back home to resume the working day. As I wandered in to the lounge I noticed not one, but two, mouse carcasses laid side by side on the rug. It looks like Noggin had been busy while I was out.

The working day eventually drew to a close and I took T&M for a walk around the Three Miler before heading in to the kitchen to throw together s Shepherd's Pie for supper. TP arrived home as I was cooking and rapidly disappeared upstairs with barely a "hello". I must admit I was somewhat annoyed at this as I had run my arse ragged all day, including being on call to potentially collect him from school, and here I was cooking dinner and having to harangue him in to assisting with a few domestic chores.

I think it may be time for a few words along the lines of "This isn't a hotel, stop treating it like it is one"!

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