Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's still not Friday ...

… unless you are American and get to take July 4th off as a Public holiday and therefore enter the weekend one day before me. I am still in a state of temporal synch and am guessing that it is as a result of 30% spending a few days away in Manchester. I must admit it I find it most peculiar that this change in our routine has had such an odd effect leaving me thinking I am a day further in to the week than I actually am.

Well that rambling paragraph has filled a bit of space as a recount of today is not going to be particularly inspiring. On the work front I have been continuing with my efforts to familiarise myself with a work flow/configuration management tool. I should probably point out that when I say familiarise I mean in the same way as I am familiar with the Large Hadron Collider. Knowing that it is a larger circular structure, built underground on the Swiss/Italian border and designed to create high speed collisions of atoms in an attempt to create, detect and identify new sub-atomic particles is not going to get me a job there.*

The working day finally drew to a close and I headed out for a walk with T&M. The only other significant activity worth recounting is that I managed to list another couple of items on eBay. This activity stemmed from my recently constructed to do list as I have a quantity of now obsolete Land Rover spares in the garage. This, however, has now escalated and I have broadened the scope to include any items that are surplus to requirements. I am not sure what I will do with the proceeds of the auctions … I guess I will just wait and see how well I do.
* and that sums up how prepared I am to support this tool for the next few weeks

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