Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Picture Post

Tuesday was spent pretty much in solitude. I saw TP briefly in the morning before he set off for school and then again for a few minutes when he returned late in the evening after a fund raising evening for the school's Zambia Exchange Programme.

Now, to some people this would a terrible day; devoid of social contact and conversation but I loved it. I really enjoy time on my own and I spent the day blissfully alone.

There is not a huge amount to report. After all, who can make operating the washing machine, walking the dogs and scrambling a few eggs for supper interesting? The great thing about time alone is having the time to just think, to revel in one's own private thoughts and not have them interrupted or questioned. So that is what happened. There was nothing earth shattering. I spent the day in my own company and enjoyed it.

It doesn't make much of Journal entry though, so here, as a space filler, are some elephants that I snapped in the Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka back in April.
The photo was take on our first Game Drive through the park. We had come across a group of five or six cows and calves walking slowly through the scrub and, as we followed them in the truck, they wandered down to a large water hole that was a lurid algal green in colour. The whole group slowly wandered in to the pool and drank before resuming their browsing of the bush.

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