Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Does my dog need an alias?

Its obvious that I am new to the world of blogging and, to be honest, I made a decision a long time ago that I didn't really fancy having an internet presence.

I don't really get the Social Networking concept. Mind you I suppose I could well be veering towards hypocrisy with a blog. I justify this to myself by saying it is "one-way" and that it is just a way of brain dumping. If that is the case why have I installed a visitor stats counter?

Anyway, to the point of the post - when I say "point" we are talking "last pencil in the box, where the hell is the sharpener or Stanley knife" - just so you don't start expecting incisive journalism here,

It was a friend /colleague that suggested I blog saying that it was a way of dealing with the "stuff" that accumulates. A while back my Other Half or Other 30% as I'm sure she would like to be known also suggested that I write this stuff down - mind you that was probably so she didn't have to listen to it first thing in the morning - she is an owl - I'm a lark.

I'm getting there - don't be inpatient - aliases - The few blogs I have read all use aliases for quite understandable reasons. The name I ramble on under was suggested for me by Golfy when I suggested a couple of varieties of coffee for him to try. It has no relevance to the content or to me really other than being a label.

A while back I was walking the dogs and I bumped in to a fellow dog walker with a deaf Dalmatian called Marley. He was genetically deaf and she used hand signals as commands for sit, here, stay etc. It all worked very well and I asked why the dog had a name. As most people tend to use the dogs name to get its attention before giving it a command. Marley seemed a total irrelevance. She agreed and advised that sometimes she introduced him using a random name, often Geoff.

So - do my dogs need aliases. Probably, as they are bound to get a mention here as they are part of my world. Lets say I have two straining Staffies called Tyson and Marauder. I don't but it will help preserve our privacy - as does the low stat count on this blog.

Another alias that my "frolleagues" use is Starfleet for our employer. I'm not sure about this alias I think I would have seen Dante's Nine Circles of Hell as a more accurate description although perhaps it is a little too close to the truth.

Anyway another individual who needs an alias is "the progeny" and that will do - perhaps TP for short.

TP and I have been taking Tyson and Marauder to a local Kennel Club Puppy Training Class for a few months and Marauder, ably handled by TP, received her Puppy Foundation Assessment yesterday so next steps will hopefully be a promotion to the next class and a Kennel Club Bronze Award.

So that's about it for today - establishing a few lables for some of the family members and parts of my world

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