Monday, 26 April 2010

No Glass Ceiling here

30% did question her alias after its first use.

I replied that the world is very superficial place and that she only need to take in the cult of celebrity, examining such publications as Heat, Hello, OK and Now to see that image is everything. I therefore decided to describe her as 30% to insure that, should someone actually decide to scan this drivel, they were likely to perceive this as a physical statement rather than as a quantification of her input to our relationship. Therefore any negative connotations to her alias sat with the reader rather than the writer. It should therefore be seen as a form of post modern irony.

"You are such a bullsh*tter" came back her considered response.

Going forward it may be necessary to re-alias 30% to reflect the equality of women and their status in the modern western world, acknowledging the fact that she makes an absolutely vital contribution to both the working and domestic worlds.

....... another reason is so that she stops punching me in the face.

So rather snappily 30% should be considered to be "an individual, in her own right, that, for the time being, currently chooses to partake of a relationship and domicile with a bad man and TP. Note that this situation should not impede her progress in the world of Telecommunications nor limit her freedom of self expression and self determination.

Also note that she has a wicked sense of humour and puts up with the nonsense I spout!

Well it’s Monday and it is cool outside. A project to separate Tyson and Marauder from the chickens and the road has been completed. A sort of Maginot Line in pressure treated 2 x 2 and chicken wire has been installed and now T&M and the birds are partitioned like the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus. I appear to have the role of a UN Peace Keeper since I seem to have access to both occupied territories.

I see little hope, in the near future, for an open border as the political views are extreme in their differences. It saddens me that the chickens refuse to accept that being feathery and tasty is gross antagonism of T& M and also that T&M’s genetic selection to be a retriever of birds can not be overcome by education as we are, after all, living in the 21st Century and such primitive ways should be put behind us.

International Politics is not something to be taken on lightly.


  1. One noted blogger refers to his 30% as LTLP (Long Term Life Partner)

  2. ooh - lets not be too impulsive. I might go as far s 32% if she's good ..... :-)