Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I was doing something else

I have been moaned at by Golfy and the Mad Bat for the scarcity of Journal entries over the past couple of weeks. So  now I am back at work, I will do my best to avoid doing what I should be doing and will scrawl instead.

Why haven't I blogged? I don't really know. I just, sort of, lost the urge. There wasn't a huge amount going on and there was only so many times I could write "I walked the dogs" or "I did some cooking" before I felt responsible for engendering a feeling of extreme tedium in anyone that cared to linger here.

This is not to say that stuff didn't happen, I just didn't feel like weaving it in to a narrative. I guess that I just got plain lazy. So for all of you that have persevered with a bad man's journal here is list of some of the shit that happened over the past week or so ....
  • I did make the Puy Lentil and Bacon soup. TP & 30% really liked it*
  • I took TP and two of his chums to see Top Gear Live at the NEC**
  • I paid a further visit to the Dentist to have a crown fitted ***
  • I had my retinas photographed
  • The camera that failed  on holiday was returned from the repair shop
  • I took Marauder to the vets on two separate occasions ****
  • I went to Motorcycle Live 2011 at the NEC
So there you have it, as my hand slowly healed I discovered what life would be like if I took early retirement...

... And now I am back at work and am spending the first few days clearing the e-mails that have built up and completing some mandated training. It is possible that I may have slightly exaggerated the amount of training and email to my Manager.

Other news: I now have irrefutable evidence that 30% cannot slice bread.
That's 25 degrees off vertical
Now I agree that this approach does give you a larger slice but if you are going to use that argument you may as well slice the loaf horizontally.  This bread assault is a regular occurrence in our house and there have been occasions where I have had to rectify a "compound mitre de pain" before my morning toast can be made.
* I'm yet to be persuaded.
** It was exactly as you would expect it to be
*** That bloody hurt ... "No Mr bad man, we don't numb you up for a crown fitting"
**** That cost over £100 but at least I no longer need to mop up dog pee


  1. welcome back! Glad you are still alive, tho i did see the VI's car outside yours the other night so you may currently be eating your own liver. Does the vet visit mean the rug will be safe once they finally finish bashing it with a stick and whirling it round their heads? And other nonsense.

  2. Hi Madbat,

    Yes, we had a pleasant evening in the company of VI and his Long Suffering spouse where we found out many useful things from LSS and the usual drivel from VI.

    As for the rug, yep, we should be fine now the antibiotics have kicked in ...

    ... I didn't fancy applying live yoghurt.



  3. on so many levels...yuck