Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Result ?

I wasn't quite sure how to view Tuesday.

My toothache had diminished but it still needed looking at. I suppose the optimist would say that the lack of pain was a good thing but the realist in me said that a trip to the Dentist really needs to happen and I rarely exit that establishment with a smile on my face.

My camera was still broken but at least I had a detailed complaint sat in someone's in-box at their Service Centre. I can but hope that sense prevails on that issue.

My working day looked to be fairly uneventful with very little in my diary ...

... all in all the word "Meh*" really summed up how I felt this morning.

I breakfasted and then prepared to start the day and this is when the sun started to peep through the clouds. First I rang the dentist and they advised that they had an appointment at eleven which was perfect as the only scheduled work call of the day would be finished by ten.

Fifteen minutes before I was due to leave for the Dentist the phone rang. I picked it up and was asked if I was Mr Badman. I confirmed that I was and the caller advised that she was Vicky from Canon. She advised that she had reviewed my complaint and had decided that, as a good-will gesture, Canon UK was prepared to repair my camera provided that costs were "reasonable". All I needed to do was package it up and send it with a covering letter to their service centre in Hertfordshire. 

Obviously buoyed by this news I trundled over to the Dentist where I was prodded and probed and advised that the tooth's future is uncertain but a course of antibiotics might sort out the problem. I was stunned as I climbed from the chair and my Dentist advised that there was no charge for the consultation.

By this point I was wondering whether I had slipped in to some alternative universe as today seemed to have taken a complete change in direction.

In the afternoon things settled in to a more normal plane of existence when the Americans came on line and started asking some very vague questions. I spent the best part of a hour trying to get some clarity on what they wanted and what they were planning to do but I might as well have been talking to the cats.

In the end I picked up the 'phone and had a chat with a US colleague who worked on the previous project and has now been assigned to the current one. This Good Shepherd advised that the US team were in such deep water that they had given up on using a snorkel, had progressed beyond scuba gear and were now looking at using a bathysphere to try and get themselves out of the shit they now found themselves in.

The requests for me to review some of my costs was going to have the same effect as trying to take a pee in the middle of a hurricane; pointless, having little effect other than now being soaked in both rain and piss.

The day ended with 30% suggesting that I consider replacing The Defender rather than spending cash on the upgrades I had in mind.

* Meh: an expression of indifference or boredom

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