Monday, 7 May 2012

The Bank Holiday Weekend continues ...

... and I am afraid that I have nothing of great interest to report.

Sunday saw the end of season presentations at the Rugby Club where TP got to shake the hand of an Hereditary Peer and received a "Trophies-r-Us" medal complete with ribbon for his year's efforts on the pitch. I cheered and clapped with vigour as it now means that I have at least 4 months of Sundays where I do not have to haul my sorry arse out of bed to run him over to the club.

The rest of the day was filled with domestic activities such as lawn mowing and general tidying.

Monday was no different apart from the point early in the day when I was called to the Lounge by 30%. I arrived to see Eddy sprawled alongside a recently deceased young rabbit and he was looking mighty pleased with himself. I must admit I was pretty impressed too as Eddy only has three legs and it must have take some effort to drag that back from the fields, up the drive and through the cat flap. Both Noggin and Tog were quite interested by this scene of feline carnage and I have the feeling that it will not be too long before they too will soon be bringing "gifts" in from the garden.

30% mentioned that she thought Eddy may well have brought it in alive and killed it in the lounge as she recalled walking in at one point to see all three cats staring intently at the settee. It may therefore have sought temporary refuge beneath the sofa.  She also had a vague recollection of  hearing scrabbling and a scream earlier in the day.

On the subject of feline carnage I may have managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons with the final item on my to do list. This was the drafting of a letter that I had needed to write for a couple of weeks. I finally found a few minutes to unearth the necessary details, knock up a few paragraphs and get the thing printed and posted. We will see how that pans out over the next few weeks but lets just say that I am only asking for that to which I am entitled.

The rest of the day was taken up by a trip in to Worcester to look at curtain material and carpets and we came home with a couple of samples. The only irritation over the weekend was the inability to locate the Upholsterer so that we could deliver the cane backed settee and hide ...

... My, my, it is getting frightfully Middle-Class here!

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