Friday, 4 May 2012

Hmmm !

It seems that I shouldn't count my chickens even after they have hatched.

I nipped outside after lunch to check on the broody and found her taking her last few breaths. It seems the strains of incubating the clutch were too much for her and she is dying. She had not managed to gather the chicks beneath her and they had chilled and sadly died. I found one chick still breathing beneath her and put it in a box under a lamp. It didn't look very strong but after an hour or so under the warmth of the lamp it had struggled to it's feet and looked like it could make it. In fact by the time I finished work for the day it had become very noisy and was starting to peck at the chick crumb I had placed beside it...

... Let's hope it's luck continues and it turns out to be a pullet rather than a cockerel.

Stepping back a few hours I took an unexpected call from the Idiot Manager where he assigned me a new piece of work that he wants me to progress while the current project is in a quiet phase. This new project looks quite interesting as it will see me take on a broader role as the main technical contact with the client. I'll learn more on this next week when I have my first meeting with the Sales Exec.

Away from work I spent an unnerving half an hour stood on a step ladder at the top of the stairs installing a new light fitting. It is not the height that worried me it is the potential to end up as a crumpled mess at the foot of the stairs that had me wishing I didn't have to do this job...

... obviously I completed this task without suffering either electrocution or paralysis following a headlong flight down the flight and am now looking forward to a long weekend during which we should finish the final few jobs on the landing.

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