Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It Lives!

Today has been pretty much like yesterday apart from the fact that I worked from home.

The Sales Exec's view of progress is "not in good shape". That review was about as helpful as "don't run with scissors" * ...

... For Fucks Sake! I know it is not in good shape that is why I am asking him for clear guidance not some cheerful waffly bollocks that gets me absolutely fucking nowhere. This Exec is a nice guy but he is not too hot on the management aspect and I am guessing that this may well be new territory for him too.

Anyway, from now on he will be called Victor as in V is for Victor, V is for Vague amorphous bullshit spouting know-it-all.

Putting work to one side I took T&M for a walk around a very sunny Three Miler and then wandered in to the garage with the keys to the Honda ...

... Chippy Ian had rung yesterday and, after telling me how much I owed him for fixing our stairs, he suggested a ride out on Thursday - If I could still afford to buy petrol. The Honda had sat through the winter connected to a battery charger and fired up on the third or fourth attempt. Looks like I'll be finishing work at five o'clock prompt on Thursday.

It also looks like I'll be mowing the lawn this evening as I can't use tinkering with my bike as an excuse not to.
* as in "tell me something I don't know"

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