Monday, 21 May 2012

Making Up the Numbers*

Today Tigger and I trundled in to the nearest Circle of Hell for the latest scintillating phase of our project...

We have already spent many happy hours coercing reluctant SMIs in to providing us with barely literate product descriptions when the prospective client actually wants honed prose that makes our products look like one simply cannot survive in Business without them!

Now we have to come up with some Rough Order of Magnitude Pricing to make them look attractive too. You know the sort of thing ... not so cheap that it looks like we are using a scabby monkey with one arm in a sling to support their systems and not so expensive that it appears that we have employed Steven Hawking as a Console Operator.

What a shitty day it has been ... and to make matters worse the Sales Exec has lined me up to present "our" findings to to the EMEA Sales Director on Wednesday. Needless to say the aforementioned Exec didn't actually bother to give any clear guidance until last Friday and certainly didn't ask me if I thought we would be anywhere near ready on Wednesday ...

... I don't.
* The working title for this entry was "I am so screwed". The only glimmer of hope is that the last Project may recommence in earnest on Friday 28th and I get dragged back to work on that one**
** it is amazing that a Frying Pan / Fire scenario actually looks attractive at present.

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