Wednesday, 23 May 2012

W is for Wednesday ...

... W is for War Room.

Today Tigger and I were imprisoned against our wills in a very small cell and forced to do hard sums.

Highlight of the day was when Victor asked "if Tigger is doing the sums, what are you doing?" and my witty riposte was "Well I can always fuck off and do something else!".

It is fair to say that we are deep in the shit and only Tigger has a legitimate escape with his preplanned Golfing Granny Pulling escapades in Torquay next week. I have to stay here an do the hours until Friday 1st June when we deliver what ever we have pulled together to our prospective client.

Victor is expecting "Bells & Whistles" the realist in me is thinking more along along the lines of "no gaps and very few spellign misktakes".

It is at this point it is probably worth stating that our bid budget is miniscule and with the $50 available Victor wants our finished product to be a leather bound illustrated manuscript with the odd titillating picture here and there.  He is more likely to get something that looks like a Fourth Formers Jotter...

... so at least he stands a chance of a smutty sketch.

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