Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekend Round. Up

As has been the familiar pattern over the past few weekends the continuing theme for Saturday and Sunday seemed to be space rationalisation. 30% has set a challenging target of getting the house finished by the end of the year. Anyone who has viewed The Pile will know that this will be some feat but I am quite happy to give it go and even if we don't succeed we will be that much nearer completion. We now have only the office, dining room, hall and rear porch to go and the dining room is next on the list ...

... recently we have cleared out much from the office and, although not refurbished, I am now able to work in a dedicated space which is strangely satisfying. The clearing of the office resulted in furniture and surplus household items being deposited in the "to be" dining room ...

... and this weekend we made a start on clearing it. The room had degenerated from a "kid's sitting room" to a dumping ground for no longer required domestic items and had reached the point of being crammed to the gills. Redundant furniture was delivered to a grateful friend and arrangements were made for the Dresser to be collected for stripping. At the same time we picked up another book case that matches the one I bought a couple of weeks ago* so we now have a pair in the office. There is still a fair bit of stuff to go through in the dining room but we can now see the floor and have plans to deal with the vast pile of CDs** and the old television***. It doesn't take a crystal ball to realise that there will be trips to the Charity Shop and much use of the shredder in the next week or so too.

 Dogs got walked, lawns got mown, beds were lay in for as long as possible and wine got drunk. It has been a busy but very satisfying weekend.
* I also managed to part exchange a Pine Chest of Drawers for a far superior piece in Oak
** iTunes, of course
***  the local tip, of course

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