Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day of Rest ... allegedly

Sunday started a little before nine with me turning on the coffee machine and liberating a flock of disgruntled chickens from their coop. I had barely got back inside the house when the 'phone rang and it was David from Marden wanting to make arrangements to come and pick up his eBay bargains. Eleven o'clock was agreed and I then made contact with the first cup of coffee of the day.

Next item on the list was to rouse TP from his pit as he was off to Rugby training... I eventually cajoled him in to the car, delivered him to the Club House and then returned to deal with David from Marden. He was a nice enough chap and we soon had the stuff loaded in to his car and his wallet was suitably lightened. I then did the compulsory dog walk before lunch,

My plan for the afternoon was a kip on the sofa but, for unexplained reasons, sleep just didn't happen so T&M were rounded up and given a long overdue clip. They will be getting a professional cut before we go away on holiday so mine will suffice until then.

Trish and family called around for a coffee and a natter late in the afternoon and we finalised the arrangements for the Qatar trip. I appear to have volunteered myself to take them all down to Heathrow late in the evening of 22nd July.

With Dinner on the Horizon I finished my day stripping paint from the frame of the French Doors in the Dining Room.

I may have had a busy weekend but a weekend of work is far more attractive than the task that awaits me tomorrow.

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