Saturday, 14 July 2012

First List, Last Item

Saturday's first task was one of a semi-legal nature ... As TP is off to Qatar with family friends we thought it might be a good idea for him and them to travel with some form of documentation that confirmed that she was a trusted friend rather than a abductor or child slave trafficker. After a quick trawl through the internet I managed to find what I needed and, as TP was spending the day with his Mum, this morning was the ideal opportunity to get the thing signed in front of a witness.

That done, I then popped in to Redditch to pick up a few DIY sundries. All was going so well until I asked for a chimney cowl* and the chap in the Builders Merchant refused to sell one to me quoting vague "Regulations". The net result of this interaction with this Jobsworth idiot is that I then had to trawl around the Redditch Ring Road to a Supplier who knew what they were talking about and who were quite happy to relieve me of "£32 plus the VAT mate".

Back at home I made a start on the main objective of the day which was to repair the noses of two of the stairs. Over the past couple of hundred years foot traffic has taken it's toll and the rounded, protruding lip of some of the treads has deteriorated.  These need to be fixed before the carpet can be laid so I set to with jigsaw, chisels, router and oak and cut out the old and replaced with new.

That completed the rest of the day was free so it was a walk around the Three Miler with T&M and then a short snooze on the sofa before Dinner.

Normally the evening would be a routine, TV facing slump but our two eBay auctions were ending tonight and I can report that the best part of half a Monkey** will be making it's way in to my Paypal account shortly.
* One of the chimneys at The Pile needs a cowl to prevent rain ingress and 30% seems to have developed an irrational fear of Magpies and Squirrels and had insisted that we put one on the Log Burner chimney to stop them coming down and taking it apart ... or something like that. I just said "yes Dear"
** I'm not sure which half of the Monkey is the best part... maybe the top half ... I probably need to think about this some more.

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