Thursday, 19 July 2012

It has felt like Thursday since Tuesday ...

... Christ, this has been a hard week!

It has been slow, frustrating and the days have been very long. In terms of actual effort it hasn't been too bad, as the bulk of my work was completed by Tuesday, however the constant analysis, questioning and peripheral activities has been very draining and I am really looking forward to getting to the end of the review tomorrow morning.

Today I seemed to be mostly keeping people happy. I managed to remove $300,000 from my annual estimates which delighted the Sales Execs and also managed to give then some Network numbers which surprised them too. I did get my own back though. They asked me to use some second hand hardware and I politely declined giving them three very good reasons why that would be a false economy. I am guessing that they were not so delighted with that lesson in practical estimating.*

I also had the Idiot Manager to deal with but it seems that I have developed some skills** in that area too and I soon had him chuckling and offering almost effusive thanks for the crib-sheet he needed to attempt to persuade his Boss that he knows what he is doing.

I finished the working day around seven in the evening with a review of Contractual T&Cs...

... is it Friday yet?
* You don't buy a second hand car unseen if you are planning to drive to Botswana
** You must have seen those snake handlers on TV with the tail in one hand, a stick in the other, a lot of hissing and everything held at arm's length  ... That's it, you're getting the picture.


  1. I'm sorry but I have to take umbridge... You haven't "removed" - you just haven't included. I know your game. It's not savings, it's not-spendings.

    And he doesn't chuckle... at least with his eyes. :-)

  2. I mean umbrage... umbridge is a market town on the thames...

  3. Firstly; why would I listen to the crazed rantings of a despot who is planning to ravage a small settlement on the Thames and secondly; if was there and then it wasn't I have definitely taken it away.

    I will however agree that his eyes don't chuckle. They are, after all, the mirror of his soul!