Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Oh yes you can, oh no you can't ...

For Wednesday's work activities simply refer back to the previous Journal entry. Although I have clearly stated that one cannot polish a turd much of today has been filled with requests to do so, instead Tigger and me did what any forest creatures would do with a turd and poked it with a long stick for a while and then did our best to bury the thing away from sight.

Ludicrous requests to revise the "guesstimate" trickled in throughout the day and when these were not arriving additional costly requirements were stated that rapidly lead to "out of scope" statements being documented...

... I am very much looking forward to Friday. This is a very long week.

Away from work TP returned intact from his D of E expedition and reported that it went well and was easier than the trial run a few weeks back. He arrived back exhausted and had to be coaxed to wander up the road for his weekly guitar lesson this evening. As he breaks up from school tomorrow he'll be able to take it easy for a day or so before he flies out to Qatar.

I also remembered to remove the guanciale from the cure and that has now been soaked, wrapped and is hanging from a hook in the kitchen. It should be ready to eat in a week or two.

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