Friday, 13 July 2012

Step Forward, Stand Down, Step Forward ...

... For Fucks Sake! I wish they would make their minds up.

The latest project is a piece of utter shit. It could actually be a quite interesting activity but the timescales are ludicrous and resources are minimal. I have been told that I am only allowed to give 50% of my time to it ...

... that is when I am actually allowed to work on it. As the title of today's entry suggests I have been told to get on with it, then told to stop and then told to get on with it again although the "word on the street" is that all of the Execs also think it is a piece of shit that isn't going anywhere. Right, that's me all fired up and keen to get on with it then.

Basically I have been asked to cook a half decent three course meal but am not allowed to use any chefs. The limit of my repertoire is toast and "boil-in-the-bag"* but the Sales Exec says that won't do and he really needs a good square meal steaming on the plate by next Wednesday. It is fair to say that whatever he gets on Wednesday there is a VERY strong chance that it will be "steaming". **

As a consequence much of my working day has been punctuated by the thought; "what the fuck am I going to do?"

Away from work Andy & Steve have finished the plastering in the Dining Room. The next job in there will be to lift the chipboard flooring so that we can get a good look at the state of the floor joists. The plan is to lay an oak floor but we have no idea how good or, more likely, bad the joists are and they will obviously need to be in good shape before we think about flooring.

Having said that, I will actually be back on the stair case this weekend as a couple of the stair noses need to be replaced before the carpet fitters can come and do their stuff
* and managing a team of SMIs chefs
** Do I really have to explain this?

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