Monday, 29 April 2013

I wish more of my Mondays were like this

The current assignment is a little unusual for me in that I am not leading the team. I have been asked to "help out" and, although I was temporarily "in charge" last week, today I am back to providing a supporting role and doing my best to find useful things to do. I am amazed at how little stress is involved in this particular job. I grub around, looking under rocks and rotten logs, and pass beautifully prepared morsels back to the Leader to see whether they are acceptable or not ...

... the thing is, I have passed plenty of sweetmeats across to him but am not getting any feedback. I appreciate that he is busy but if he took some time out to delegate some aspects of the project across to me he might find it yielded a significant reduction in his workload. This delegation isn't happening so I am having a relatively easy time at the moment and it is so nice to not have to start work before nine and to knock off around five.

There is not a lot more I can say of any interest; spreadsheets got filled, e-mails got sent and calls got attended. A walk with T&M broke up the day and eventually the clock chimed five o'clock.*

My to do list has been considerably shortened over the past few weeks and after spending ten minutes repositioning the Box Frame on the Landing** I was wondering what to do ...

... I ended up out in the garage where I made a start on the light restoration of the Mahogany Corner Cupboard we bought back in February. The cupboard has a crown moulding that has a dental moulding directly underneath it. Over the years a section of the dental moulding has come away and a few pieces have broken off giving it a gap toothed appearance. I had acquired a couple of strips of mahogany and spent a happy hour replicating sections of the dental moulding. The next task will be to stain them an appropriate colour and get them glued back in place.

It all seems so easy when I type this in to The Journal.
* So it was probably about four minutes past.
** the original hanging looked dreadful but simply dropping it eight inches and moving it across a couple of inches too made all the difference.

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