Sunday, 28 April 2013

Madness, Motors & Mates

One day last week I took lunch with Grandad Jack. This is always a humorous affair and one of that day's stories concerned the current Mrs H.  Apparently Mrs H has it in her head that wireless computer networking causes cancer and, as a result, Jack has to hard wire his laptop in to his home broadband socket. He has tried to explain that his house is liberally permeated with all manner of electromagnetic waves from television and radio through to mobile telephone and next door's wireless network but to no avail. Mrs H will not budge from her opinion and an RJ45 LAN cable will forever be seen nestling in Jack's laptop bag ...

... Now why would I mention this? We all laughed at this tale of an unfounded but strongly held view and Jack's grudging compliance. I am also guessing that the diners were thinking "I'm glad my significant other doesn't display that level of irrationality". I was too until today when 30% came bloody close.

This morning we were off to the final match of the Rugby season at a ground that turned out to be just down the road from the Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry. Before we left 30% informed me that she had turned off the dehumidifier as she didn't want to leave it on while we were out of the house. I pondered this for a moment and then asked if she was aware that the unit was designed such that, if required, it could be left permanently running in, for example, a holiday cottage or caravan. 30% acknowledged this new and pertinent fact but her opinion wavered not. She pointed out that it was a heater and she didn't want to leave it running for fear of fire. I pointed out that it was actually more like a refrigeration unit than a heater but it was still not allowed to run unattended.

I really could not be bothered to debate this monument of irrationality and we headed off to the rugby game after turning off the dehumidifier. The refrigerator, fridge freezer and two upright freezers on the property were, however, all allowed remain on while we were out!

The last match went well. I didn't think it was brilliant but TP's team came away with a 17:5 victory which was a great way to end one of their best seasons so far. It also means that we now get our Sunday mornings back after six months of working around training and match fixtures.

A late lunch was promptly followed by a walk around the Three Miler with T&M as we were expecting visitors in the afternoon. 30% had arranged for an old frolleague of hers to pay us a call. She had semi lost touch but her new car has a couple of minor blemishes and, as he runs the local ChipsAway franchise, this seemed like an opportune situation to rekindle the friendship. To cut a long story very short; he turned up with his new fiancee and we ended up with an invitation to their wedding at the end of August.

It was also a case of fortuitous timing as 30%'s brother and the Elf turned up at the same time to show off their recently acquired 1970 VW Minivan. It was quite charming and will make a splendid camper van provided the availability of funds matches their plans and desires. The reason their visit was fortuitous was that 30%'s brother has had his car "keyed" and needs the services of an auto paint technician.*

 By the time the house had emptied it was time to light a fire and spend a quiet evening with only the only effort expended being the few steps in to the dining room for dinner.

Shit, it's work again tomorrow.
* The VW van does too but the words full body and respray are ones that will feature in any quotation for that work.

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