Sunday, 25 August 2013

A walk in the park

Saturday 24th August 

As to be expected, I woke early this morning and loitered until TP and 30% entered the land of the living. Fortunately their body clocks were still on BST and neither of the slept too late. 

Shortly after eight we headed across the road to a nearby Deli for breakfast and a double espresso and a short stack with sausage set me up for the day.  

We then headed down in to the subway in an attempt to get uptown quickly and with minimum effort.* I think it is fair to say that our first trip was relatively successful in that we headed in the right direction but selection of an Express train rather than a local one meant that we somewhat overshot the 81st Street station and had to double back on ourselves. We eventually arrived at our destination have been treated to a peculiar piece of performance art involving two women having a very deep and meaningful argument for much of our journey. 

81st Street is the location of the American Museum of Natural History and we spent much of the day wandering through it's halls and exhibits. The high points were the dinosaur galleries and the live tropical frog exhibits both of which stood out in a museum that does nothing by half.**

We left the museum late in the afternoon and walked across the street and in to Central Park. Once in the park we walked in a roughly South Westerly direction taking in the sights and sounds as we headed back in the direction of Times Square. 

The park was exactly as it appears in every movie scene ever shot there. It was filled with New Yorkers and tourists enjoying this fine sunny day. People talked and walked, rode and rowed and played, occasionally in plaid, in this fine open space set within it's encircling range of concrete and steel mountains. 

Considering how much walking we had already done in the day we were incredibly keen on exiting the park and decided to walk back to the hotel ...

... It was only later that I realised that from 81st Street to East 34th is at least 50 Blocks!

We didn't walk far in search of dinner this evening. 
* overground transport is far from rapid due to traffic and pedestrian volumes
** by way of an example; the African mammals hall features eight mounted elephants as it's centrepiece 

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