Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 6: Binghamton to Niagara Falls

Wednesday 28th August

There is not a huge amount to report for today as most of it was spent in the car travelling 280 miles from Binghamton up to Niagara Falls. 

The forested hills and mountains that were the backdrop to yesterday's drive gave way to farming country and fields of maize and open sided barns filled with dairy cows took their place. 

In the afternoon an eagle eyed 30% spotted a Walmart from the freeway and we took a detour for this now mandated element of any US road trip ...

... An hour later we exited the store laden with jeans, T shirts and other sundry items. 

Back on the road we drove some more and in the mid afternoon arrived in Buffalo on the US side of the falls. This was the point that we learnt two things ...

.... 1) We DO have Canadian maps in our Sat Nav and 2) the aforementioned GPS unit appears to be set to direct us through the shittiest, most derelict part of any town ... Buffalo's steel works no longer work!

We looked out over Lake Erie as we drove towards the Canadian border and managed to persuade TP that it was no deeper than 2' 6" at any point. 

By four o'clock we were settled in our hotel room that has a fine view of both sets of falls. 

Later we took a walk along the park that leads right up to the edge of Horseshoe Falls before returning for dinner and an early night. 

It is fair to sy that I was shattered after the drive. 

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