Friday, 30 August 2013

Lazy Day

Thursday 29th August 

Thursday had been designated a "chill day" by 30% which meant that there was no driving or other organised activities. 

We walked down river towards the American Falls but the humidity combined with temperatures in the high nineties was exhausting so we headed back to the air conditioned comfort of our room and took in the sights from there ...

... I may have had a brief kip. 

I also persuaded 30% to invest ten bucks to get a fist full of hotel wifi accounts and passwords and she spent the time wisely bragging on Facebook ...

... and also finding us accommodation in Ithaca for tomorrow. 

The evening was taken up with a pizza and a wander down to Horseshoe Falls to check out the night time illuminations. 

I quite liked Niagara. There is bugger all to see other than the falls but they are impressive and change depending on time of day and angle of view. It is many years too late to avoid development around the falls and on the Canadian side, at least, things could have been oh so much worse. Overall I'm glad I've seen them. I'm not sure I would come back but I'm glad I've seen 'em. 

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