Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More Sightseeing

Monday 26th August

This morning we started walking uptown along Lexington and stopped off at a Deli for breakfast en route to Grand Central Station. 

We wandered around the station foyer for a while and TP and 30% found the Apple Store therein where they lingered fondling the electronic goodies. 

After exiting the station we continued up Lexington and within a short while the Radio City Music Hall sign could be seen up ahead. We had now reached our next destination; The Rockefeller Tower. The tower was built during The Depression and is famous for the photograph taken during construction of the Steel Riggers eating lunch on a girder hundreds of feet in the air. 

We checked out the shops on the basement level before purchasing our tickets for The Top of The Rock. The elevator ride to the 67th floor was a journey in itself as the elevator carriage had a glass ceiling and the shaft was studded with blue lights that accentuated the high speed ride to the top. 

The views over the city were fantastic and without the crush of fellow tourists that we experienced yesterday at the Empire State Building. The icing on the cake was that the view also included the aforementioned skyscraper. We wandered around the observatory platform and ascended a couple more floors to the uppermost deck where a 360 degree view of the city could be enjoyed. 

We felt neither crushed or hurried at the top of The Rockefeller Building and descended when a few drops of rain started to fall from a sky that threatened a downpour. 

We continued our walk uptown and stopped for a coffee in the foyer of The Nearest Circle of Hell in NYC before wandering on to The Central Park Zoo via the vast glass cube that is the Apple Store. 

The zoo was a relaxing break from the hustle of the city and we spent a couple of hours wandering around this petite menagerie. We saw most of the exhibits but I must admit that I am developing a theory based on the fact that neither the Harbour Seal nor the Polar Bear could be seen in their enclosures. A coincidence ... I think not!

After the zoo we wandered out of the park and headed for the nearest subway station wearied by our day in the city. Dinner was eaten close to our hotel as we were too tired to explore further. 

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