Monday, 2 September 2013

I must be having a good day if I look under 21

Monday 1st September 

We started today with a drive in to Ithaca and a wander around the Farmers Market. It was held in a purpose built open sided barn at the edge of the lake and seemed to be incredibly popular with the local Middle Classes ... Pretty much like every other Farmers Market in the Western World. 

It had the usual array of organic vegetables and small scale agricultural output combined with "hand made" products and was a fine Sunday morning stroll. I have to say that the multi-coloured arrays of produce looked fantastic and I was amazed to see Cotswold Lamb and Belted Galloway Beef so far from their Counties of origin. 

After the market we drove a short distance to The Robert H Treman State Park and I can report that it was $7 well spent. Our first stop was the Lower Falls and these were only a short stroll from the car park. 

We then drove to the other end of the park where we walked just under a mile along the Rim Trail to view the Lucifer Falls. These were quite splendid and TP literally took the plunge and swam in the pool at the foot of the falls. 

Unfortunately our return via the Gorge Trail was not possible due to storm damage a month or so back so we had to retrace our steps along the Rim Trail which included 150 steps to ascend from the gorge to the rim!

It was mid afternoon And my breakfast waffle seemed a long time ago. Consequently we stopped off at Glenwood Pines for Ithaca's best burger ... I can report it came a close second to the one I ate in a Diner two days back and I will be filing a report with America's Trades Descriptions people shortly. 

Having eaten late in the afternoon we decided to go with a TV dinner; nuked in the motel room microwave and eaten in front of a film. The aforementioned Chinese meal was purchased from Wegmans Supermarket and this is where the title of this entry has a modicum of relevance ...

,,, 30% was desperate for a glass of cider so a bottle was selected and presented at the checkout desk. "I'm sorry Ma'am I can't serve you alcohol" was the reaction from the girl at the desk. I assumed it was because she was a minor and headed toward another desk with the bottle as she suggested ,,,

... We eventually managed to buy the cider after 30% had presented her driving licence AND a Supervisor had confirmed it's suitability as evidence of age. 

Now we may be wearing well but we are both in our 49th years and there is no way on earth that either of us is ever going to pass for a minor even with extensive cosmetic surgery. So why the fuck does a supermarket demand evidence of age from someone who is clearly not a minor?

Not impressed, not flattered, don't get it!

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