Monday, 9 September 2013

Piano Moving for Beginners

TP came home last Thursday with a worried expression...

After his first couple of days in the Sixth Form he had decided that perhaps A-Level Maths wasn't for him and his teacher was neither supportive nor encouraging too. Personally I don't blame him so we had a chat and he decided that Geography was a better choice. TP made contact with the Geography Teacher, who was an absolute star. Over the weekend we had a number of 'phone calls with him and he even analysed TP's GCSE results to reassure TP that he had the capability to succeed with this choice. Maths was deleted from the timetable and Geography rushed in to take it's place.*

The net result is that TP needed to be at school at the crack of dawn  slightly earlier than usual this morning for his first Geography Field Trip. I therefore needed to rouse him at six thirty so that I could drive him to school by quarter to eight  in order to catch the coach for a day of River Studies.

I then turned the car around and returned home to collect 30% and T&M  and we headed in towards the Neat & Tidy Piano Movers Depot. The reason for taking T&M was that they had an appointment at the Dog Groomers and not, as I had hoped, that Piano Moving was a Dog Friendly Industry.**

There is not a lot to report about Day #1. Things were a little disorganised and there were long periods of inactivity but I am sure that the pace will quicken tomorrow. Basically an HR systems glitch meant that my User IDs and passwords were not available so, whilst a shiny new Dell Laptop was sat there waiting for me it, the final tweaks and personalisation could not be completed. My new manager has reassured me that things should be sorted by tomorrow but his advice was not to rush in at the crack of dawn.

The main observation I have following my first day as Shifter Junior is that renaming of the PC Guy's lair might be worth considering following the recent activities of Operation Yew Tree!
* Music Technology may well need to be replaced by Computer Studies but TP doesn't seem concerned about this possible swap
** Everyone knows that no-one should walk beneath a suspended object and apparently a Baby Grand can do a lot of damage if it falls on you. ***
*** I understand that it wont look that good either

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