Thursday, 5 September 2013

Still No Sign of Noggin

Whilst we were away we left Village Idiot in charge of chickens and cats and he has done a fine job. All the hens are present and correct and he has thoughtfully taken away their eggs as he didn't want us to return from America and eat stale eggs by mistake.*

Eddy** was delighted by our homecoming and we cannot walk past him without him yowling at us to encourage us to pick him up. After scratching his ears for a few minutes he is satisfied and we put him down only for him to demand similar attention again no more than a quarter of an hour later.

Noggin, on the other hand, is conspicuous by his absence and 30% is already starting to fear the worst. Her first question after any period spent apart is "Have you seen Noggin?" and every opening of the cat flap has her sit bolt upright like a Meerkat only to be followed by a slightly disappointed "Oh Hello Eddy, go and find Noggin".

We have both independently scanned the road for signs of the worst possible scenario and are only slightly reassured by the lack of cat pancakes. We have also chatted to Neighbours and they too report minimal sightings but also no road mortalities.

I guess we have to just sit and wait.

The rest of the day has been spent in post holiday activities. I can report that the washing mountain is now a molehill and that the store cupboard and worryingly low gin stocks have now been replenished courtesy of 30%. I have mown the lawn, exercised T&M and also had a hair cut in preparation for next Monday.

It is fair to say that today has been taken at a leisurely pace and has had a constant unspoken concern about the bloody cat.
* VI assumes "scrumping rights" when taking care of livestock and gardens. Actually I should point out that this is written for comic effect and he was told to take the eggs as the last thing we wanted was to return to an egg mountain. Mind You, he frequently turns up with Rhubarb over the course of the Summer and I know he hasn't got any growing in his garden!
** Eddy Percent; our three legged, tailless cat ... say it aloud

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