Friday, 6 September 2013

Stop Press

At little after midnight a cat's meow was heard as we settled down to sleep. 30% reached out in the dark and as her hand stroked the cat she was able to confirm that it had a tail. This meant one of three things ...

1) Eddy has miraculously regenerated his missing tail over the course of the last hour
2) The Ghost Cat* has certainly got a lot more confident, or
3) Bloody Noggin has finally decided to come home

The lights were turned on and a very noisy ginger and white cat started to perform circuits of the bed.

Hello Noggin.
* Ghost Cat is a VERY timid black cat that regularly haunts the house and garden. We know that it comes inside and helps itself to Noggin and Eddy's dinner and also sleeps on one of our sofa's but all we ever see is it's backside as it scarpers through the cat flap and it occasionally skulking in the garden.

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