Monday, 16 September 2013

Trudging Forward

Monday; the first day of week #2 and how did it go? ...
  • I worked from home and successfully connected to the Piano Moving Systems
  • I slogged my way through four hours of on-line training
  • I finally managed to access the Expenses System after hassling a colleague in Finance for PC config instructions
  • I managed to lock myself out of the e-mail application after carelessly misreading a login prompt (several times)
  • I made a new friend in the Help Desk and regained access to e-mail
  • I took receipt of my shiny new Blackberry Bold 9900* 
  • I was assigned to shadow a project and set up an introductory call with the Project Lead
By the end of the day I was, once again, frustrated by

  • the piecemeal approach to gaining systems access 
  • the lack of consolidated New Starter guidance notes, and 
  • the lack of progress, as yet, on gaining job specific knowledge and skills ...
I constructed a "to do" list and logged off. Fortunately a good walk around the Three Miler did much to remove the worst of my irritations...

... and Marauder and I enjoyed a few proper Blackberries.
* This new 'phone looks great but is of absolutely no use until my Corporate Card arrives which will then allow me to contact the Neat & Tidy Piano Mover's UK Service Provider of choice and order a SIM card for the damned thing. (see comment above re piecemeal access to systems).

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