Wednesday, 11 September 2013

We meet at last

Wednesday started an hour earlier than it should have done as I needed to be down in The Capital at The London Depot to meet my new Boss. In my previous life I would have shaved the evening before to minimise the farting around in the dark hours before dawn but I even scraped a razor around my jaw this morning and attired myself in my smartest Business Casual.

The day was fine. Basically it allowed my Guv'nor to eyeball me, and me him,* and he seems to be a pragmatic and likeable chap. In between the plethora of calls and we had a few chats and started the building of a working relationship. Apparently the plan is for me to spend the next few days completing the various induction and education courses and I will then be assigned to shadow the completion of a project before I am assigned one of my own. This was obviously reassuring as I have, on previous occasions, just been thrown in the deep end with the a token lifeline of a couple of names to contact for guidance!

My day finished just after five and it was a quick journey around the Circle Line to Paddington where I was delighted to discover that the next train home left at ten to six. I was soon seated on the train and promptly fell asleep, waking in the vicinity of Oxford. As darkness returned my stop was announced and I disembarked at Evesham.

Within half an hour I found myself sat on the sofa getting myself on the outside of an enormous G&T and a healthy portion of 30%'s famous Sausage Sorrento.
*prior to today all of our contact had been by telephone

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