Saturday, 19 April 2014

Auction Wins and Woodwork

I once again woke at an ungodly hour and tossed and turned as sleep eluded me.* 30%'s snoring didn't help so I moved to a quieter location** and eventually fell back to sleep. I reawoke at a much more civilised seven, thirty and started the day at a gentle pace.

After breakfast we headed over to Evesham to arrange for a pair of prints to be framed. These are the pair that we acquired at the auction two week ago. Closer inspection has revealed that they are around 250 years old and during the course of their existence they have ended up in a pair of grotty frames and are need of some care and attention. Hopefully the framer can work his magic as he did with our  last piece of auction artwork.

After visiting the Picture Framers we headed back over to the auction rooms and settled down with a coffee and a bacon roll to watch the last half of the auction. The oak canteen of cutlery we admired yesterday was the penultimate lot. Eventually it's turn arrived and there was a reasonable amount of interest. It is fair to say that we ended up paying slightly more that we expected for it.***

Upon our return home we lunched and I headed back in to The Hall. This afternoon's task was to fit the architrave to the office door frame. Normally this would be a thirty minute job comprising three measurements and a few minute with a bevel gauge to ensure the mitred cuts are accurate. Unfortunately the combination of uneven 18th Century walls and Dot and Dab Plastering has resulted in a need to cut and apply packing strips to the architrave to ensure it sits flush with both walls and door frame…

… This half hour job took most of the afternoon but it was worth it as it would have looked terrible without the extra effort.

I then headed out for a late afternoon/early evening walk with T&M before slumping on the sofa for a TV dinner with 30%.
* The combination of many early mornings plus Sri Lanka's BST + 4.5 hrs time zone has completely knackered my body clock.
** Warwickshire
*** Slightly! Nearly Double!

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