Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Helping Out

I had consciously reduced my workload before we headed off to Sri Lanka at the beginning of April. As result of the this approach I have some spare capacity and have volunteered to assist a colleague and mentor* with a particularly nasty RFP.

I need to advise that it is not the scope of the RFP that is nasty it is just that there have been problems getting the support needed to complete the Proposal and Pricing so I have offered moral support, intellectual capital from some of my previous efforts and have volunteered to chase up on a couple of deliverables to give her more bandwidth.

It has been an interesting day and it seems that I may have ruffled a few feathers when an enquiry I initiated showed that there was limited chance of getting a certain cost as the provider was on vacation until the day before the RFP response is due. The ruffled feathers belonged to a chap who apparently "had this in hand" …

… He obviously did not and wasn't too pleased with this exposure.

I have also picked up a new project which is very vague in its scope and deliverables so can see that I will be spending some time attempting to peer through the metaphorical fog.

A free hour late in the afternoon gave time for a walk with T&M before I needed back to the laptop for an hour's call before dinner.

I now feel like I am just about back in the saddle after returning from holiday.
* As in; she Mentors me, although she does say that it is a two way flow

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