Tuesday, 22 April 2014

If I was a Horse they would shoot me

Tuesday; the first day back at work after a long Easter Break…

… The combination of a snotty nose and a toothache that is well on its way to intolerable meant that I did not open my inbox with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Fortunately the Neat & Tidy Piano Movers have a novel perspective on vacation in that they ensure that colleagues support one's work load. I therefore knew that I would not be returning to chaos and demands for immediate action.

I took a quick peep at the amount of unread email* and immediately opened up my web browser and searched for my Dentist's 'phone number. After a quick call I had an appointment for quarter to three.**  The rest of the morning was spent sorting through mail, deleting the irrelevant and reviewing and filing the relevant.

Shortly after two o'clock I headed over to the dentist and was soon sat in the chair with an x-ray film clamped between my jaws. The dentist advised that I appear to have an infection and prescribed antibiotics. I have another appointment in a week's time to see whether it has settled down.

If the infection persists things become interesting …

… I could have the tooth removed but this is not an attractive prospect. The alternative is root canal fillings but my dentist warned that one of the roots is very narrow and National Health Dentistry would not make a good job of this. My only option is to be referred to a private dentist and face a bill in the region of £500 - £600. She also pointed out that there is still no guarantee that the tooth can be saved.

I need to have a think about this.

Away from work I did manage to strip some more of the paint in the Hall and manage to complete the frame of the small cupboard that sits to the left of the Inglenook.
* 330, or thereabouts
** It is a shame I couldn't get the half past two slot***
*** two thirty … geddit?

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