Sunday, 20 April 2014


Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that one of my teeth was becoming increasingly sensitive to extremes of temperature. A hot or cold drink would give me a twinge in one of the molars in my lower, right jaw.

The sensitivity has now progressed to full blown toothache and I have two days before the Dentists reopens. I hope I can get an early appointment as this is bloody painful!

To add insult to injury, I also appear to have caught a cold so I have a scratchy throat and a snotty nose to add to my list of symptoms …

… Fuck!

A side effect of these two maladies is that I have not felt particularly enthused today and have been operating on tick over rather than full steam ahead.

I spent a couple of hours in the Hall removing the cupboard doors so that they can be dropped off with Dave The Stripper at some point in the next week. Some of these doors have been in place since the house was built back in the mid 18th Century so it was with a fair degree of trepidation that I approached this task…

… after all we were talking about 250 year old metal with rust and paint encrusted heads, not a shiny, precision fixing with a pozidrive head. I used most of the tricks of the trade to remove the seven doors including slight tightening before unscrewing, heat and on the more stubborn screws I had to cut new slots in the heads. On the final hinge I even had to resort to drilling out the heads to remove the door.

The doors were then neatly stacked to be taken to the strippers and my eyes fell on the hot air stopper nestling in a corner of the room. I had a few minutes before dinner so I made a start on stripping the paint from the shelf over the Inglenook. The worst of it comes off reasonably easily but there will also need to be chemical stripping and much sanding to achieve the desired finish.

Oh well, at least the day was not a complete write off.

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