Monday, 21 April 2014

The Wanderer Returns

It is Easter Monday and today is the day that TP returns from deepest, darkest Africa…

… the 'phone rang shortly after ten o'clock and TP advised that he was about twenty minutes away from school. 30% and I clambered in to the car and arrived to see a very tanned TP, clutching a cow skin drum and dressed in a very fetching pair of Zambian trousers in a fabric featuring zebras.

He has had a fantastic time and, whilst glad to be home, is sad that his experience is over. It is also a matter of some relief that he got on really well with his exchange partner, who we will get to meet when he comes to stay next Summer. TP's tales are many, including eating fried caterpillars and the fantastic sight of Victoria Falls. I hope that he puts pen to paper and notes them down while they are still fresh in his mind.

My toothache worsens and I feel like the proverbial bear with a sore head. I don't feel much like doing anything and I don't feel much like doing nothing either. I did pick up the hot air stripper and finish taking the paint from the mantle shelf over the Inglenook. This filled some time and did help to take my mind off the pain.*

Apart from that I had a lazy day, chatting on and off with TP about his Africa trip.
* I also discovered a stash of prescription Codeine tablets in the medicine cupboard which, combined with Ibuprofen,  have killed most of the pain but it is probably best if I neither drink nor approach heavy machinery for a while.

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