Saturday, 5 July 2014

I seem to be trapped in a loop at Jaeger.

30% and I hit Stratford early this morning in an attempt to avoid the crowds. There were likely to be more people there than usual on account of the Riverside Festival, so we were parked up in town shortly after nine o'clock. We didn't have huge amount to do; 30% picked up a fistful of dollars in preparation for her departure to Houston tomorrow and I needed to collect a jacket and suit that had been subject to alterations…

… I seem to have become trapped in a cycle of shopping and alterations at this store. I find something I like, they don't have it in my size so I need to come in the following week as they are "more than happy to get one in". I return to the shop a week later, try on the aforementioned item, decide to purchase, subject to the shortening of sleeves or trouser legs. Pins are inserted, payment is made and a further visit is required in seven days time to finally collect the clothing. I then find something else I like and the cycle starts all over again. This time it was a Silk, Herringbone, Check Jacket ... I think I had better go in blindfolded when I collect it next week!

We were back home in time for an early lunch and I then headed out for a walk with T&M. Upon my return I had a quick snooze on the sofa before heading out to the kitchen and assembling a Bolognese Sauce for this evening's dinner. As it sat simmering on the hob I pondered how I should fill the rest of the afternoon/early evening and set to inserting a couple of dutchmen in the door frame that leads from the Hall to the Kitchen. This frame originally supported a door but has been a simple opening for many years. As part of the Hall refurbishment I need to fill the hinge and latch rebates with wooden inserts before sanding and painting the frame.

These are now glued and pinned in place and will be trimmed flush with the frame surface once they have dried. We then dined and it was soon time for an early night as we need to be up shortly after four to get to the airport for a flight to Houston.

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