Friday, 4 July 2014

Something for the weekend?

If I thought Thursday was quiet Friday was an absolute non-event. Being Independence Day, all of my American colleagues, were taking the day off to celebrate and there was very little happening in the Piano Moving Depots on this side of the pond. I had a couple of calls, one of which was mildly troubling as it relates to a project that we should avoid resurrecting at all costs. I really hope the Sales Guy got my message loud and clear, but I know that he hasn't the balls to tell our customer we don't want that type of business.

Away from work, I once again managed a constitutional around the Three Miler and also managed to list another couple of items on eBay. That's about it for today apart from the fact that I have noticed that I am strangely reluctant to drag a redundant set of Land Rover wheels and tyres from the front cellar to get them cleaned up and listed on eBay.

Something for the weekend perhaps?

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