Thursday, 31 July 2014

Waiting, a Leak and a Homecoming

Today was the day that the RFP documentation was due to be released by the new client. It came as no surprise to me that, at close of business, my in-box had not been troubled by it's presence. These Tender Documents are regularly delayed and part of me actually hopes that it doesn't arrive until next week as I know that if it arrives tomorrow I will spend the weekend reviewing it.

The rest of my working day was uneventful and, as I said yesterday, this is the calm before the storm. Talking of storms; the hot spell of weather broke today and torrential rain fell this afternoon … Unfortunately not all of it remained outside the house! At the sound of the storm I got up from my desk and did a tour of the house closing doors and windows. As I returned to the Hall I looked at the window and saw water running in at the top of the frame. A towel was quickly positioned to soak up the drips and puddle and it now looks like I will need to get a man in to check the pointing and the seal between the window frame frame and lintel. This is definitely a Fuck it moment but, looking on the bright side, at least the room has not yet been decorated...

… It looks like the weekend will feature a spot of Clematis removal so we can get a look at the Brickwork followed by a series of calls to Builders who want a small job.

Moving on to other news; after more than a fortnight away TP finally returned from his holiday in Italy with his Mum's family. It sounds like he had a great time but it also sounds like two weeks of his Mum's company also 'did his head in" … 30% and I are, indeed, his least worst parental option.  Today was another significant first for TP as earlier today we had got his car insurance revised* so he was able to drive solo for the first time  this evening when he went over to Norton to collect his girlfriend.

That just about summarises the main events of today and I must admit I am somewhat vexed by the leak as it could be a challenge to identify the point of ingress and also find a man willing to fix it.

Two steps forward, one step backward … perhaps?
* To take account of him passing his test.

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